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Clarks - Back in Black

Best back to school shoes ever. No compromise.

Whole and half sizes. A perfect fit. Guaranteed.

Our Promise

Combining expert craftsmanship with our designers’ eye for detail, we promise that they’ll be starting back to school in style and comfort.

Plus, what keeps us in a class of our own is the fact our school shoes pass up to 50 punishing wear tests in our specially built laboratory. So kids can be kids. No worries.

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Kids feet are amazing

Over their lifetime your child’s feet will take them around the world, four times!

Kids feet sweat, a lot. Up to half a pint of sweat a day!

The bones in your child’s feet won’t be fully formed until they are old enough to drive.

With every step a child’s heel strikes the ground with the equivalent of double their body weight.

Badly sized and fitted shoes could affect the development of your child’s feet.

That’s why our shoes are designed to be breathable, comfortable, stylish and durable.

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