Raheem Sterling wearing the Wallabee boot in khaki nubuck
Raheem Sterling for Clarks Originals
Raheem Sterling holding the Wallabee boot in khaki nubuck

Raheem Sterling for Clarks Originals

One of the most recognisable footballers in the world, Raheem Sterling has won countless trophies and is widely acknowledged as one of the finest players of his generation.

He was also born and raised in the Maverley district of Kingston, Jamaica, and its rich cultural heritage plays a hugely important role in his life.

It’s these roots that are responsible for his love of Clarks Originals. And it’s this love that make him the perfect person to collaborate with on a new limited-edition Wallabee - one that Raheem wants the whole island of Jamaica to be proud of and feel a connection to.

Raheem Sterling Wallabee boot - khaki nubuck
I dedicate this shoe to everyone on the island of Jamaica
ColourwayCrafted from premium smooth nubuck, the strikingly subtle upper comes in a limited-edition khaki colourway.
BrandingThe sock features Raheem Sterling’s signature printed in gold foil.
FobsDual branded, the fobs and socks all feature Raheem’s signature.
"Out of the many, one people"To celebrate the diversity of the Jamaican people, and Raheem’s heritage, the tongue lining features the national motto.
1692The date on the upper pays tribute to the year Kingston - capital of Jamaica and Raheem’s birthplace - was founded.
LacesFor easy personalisation, each pair comes with two sets of waxed cotton laces, one in black and one in khaki.

When Raheem moved from Kingston to London, the sound of every goal scored at the new Wembley stadium ringing in his ears, it was only natural he try and bring a bit of island style to his new home.

So, by selling slushies to mates, Raheem was able to save up and buy himself his very first pair of Wallabees. They instantly made their debut out on the playground, and to this day, he still talks about the dip and power they gave him.

Our heritage in Jamaica is something we are so proud of and giving back to Jamaica is so important to us. Which is why we have set up a community partnership with Maverley Primary and Junior High School in Kingston, this partnership was made possible with the support of Al Fingers, author of the ‘Clarks in Jamaica’ book. We are also making available a pair of brand new Wallabees for all the kids at the school. Likewise, Raheem’s Wembley school, has also been considered with a ‘Back To School’ shoes donation will be made to the school where he learnt to finesse his skills in his Wallabees.

Raheem Sterling Wallabee boot - khaki nubuck
Raheem Sterling wearing the Wallabee boot

Raheem Sterling Wallabee Boot

Khaki Nubuck

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Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling | Clarks Originals