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Ready for anything

Once your child reaches school age, they're testing their feet to the max every day. You'll recognise a more adult walking motion as well as plenty of running, dodging and jumping. All that activity means their feet will naturally sweat more, producing up to half a pint of sweat a day! So it's important that trainers and shoes are properly fitted to ensure they don’t rub or restrict their natural movement.


5 to 12 year old girl

By the age of five the foot has all 26 bones but they won't be fully formed until your child is old enough to drive. The final structure is only established in their late teens when they'll finally stop growing! By the time an average child is eight years old, they'll already have walked 11,500 miles - that's from London to New York and back.

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Although your child’s feet may look just like yours at this age – just smaller and plumper – it’s still important that the shoes they wear are the best fit possible. That’s where we come in. From dress shoes and canvas styles to sport and athleisure, our collection covers all aspects of your child’s school years. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right shoes…

5 to 12 year old girl