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The adventure years

The exciting years between two and four are all about playing and exploring, and there are plenty of new skills to learn.


2 to 4 year old children

By the age of two, your child should be walking more confidently. Their technique will still be quite flat footed and stompy, and changing speed and direction may still be a challenge, but they’ll be improving with every step. Soon this flat-footed stomp of toddlerhood will become a proper adult heel-to-toe action – they might be a bit unstable and knock-kneed as they adjust, but this is perfectly normal.

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Feet are still growing by around two whole sizes (16mm) per year until the age of five, so you’ll soon start to see the natural foot shape your child has inherited. Most children also have one foot bigger than the other, which is why our Clarks store fitters always measure both feet.

2 to 4 year old children