The best school trainers for your kids

Whether they’re scoring goals in PE or simply enjoying a run-around in the playground, every child needs a good pair of trainers for school. Promising comfort, cool style and durability, our school trainers are super lightweight for effortless movement, breaktime to home time.

Before buying a new pair of school trainers, take time to understand your child’s school dress code fully. There may be guidelines concerning acceptable colours and styles, such as whether they’re allowed to wear black or white trainers to school, if decorative prints and patterns are allowed and what fastening styles are required. With our practical and school-friendly kids’ sports trainers available in both riptape and lace-up styles, there’s something for everyone at Clarks.

Here we’ve rounded up some of the best kids trainers from our collection.

Boys' school trainers

Featuring a lightweight rubber sole with flex grooves that allow for easy, natural movement, and a riptape fastening for convenience, our classic Scape Sky Youth Black Leather pair make for failsafe school trainers. The Agion technology used also nips bad smells in the bud to keep boys’ shoes and feet fresh.

If you often find them getting through multiple sets of trainers, our Scooter Speed Kid Black Leather shoes are a great choice thanks to their chunky bumper toe area and sole.

Alternatively, if your child is going to be playing football on astroturf, our Award Swift Youth technical astro trainers equip them for whatever they may face on the pitch. These lightweight kids’ velcro trainers come in a range of stylish hues, with a low profile that allows ease of pivoting, rotating and rapid movements.

Girls' school trainers

Whether their uniform permits school trainers in the classroom or solely for PE lessons, girls have a great selection of trainers to choose from at Clarks. Stylish yet practical, made with leather that’s both breathable and robust, and with a rubber sole that’s designed for enhanced grip, our Orbit Sprint Youth black or white trainers provide comfort throughout the day.

For a splash of colour in their kit, if their uniform permits, opt for the Aeon Pace Kid Pink with gorgeous pink to black gradient detailing, breathable mesh and added protection on the toe so they can be enjoyed for years to come. They’re available in purple or pink and lime too.

Our kids’ school trainers are suitable for every gender, and with plenty of options to choose from, all you need to do is pick your favourite pair in the right size.

Kids' velcro trainers

The majority of our kids’ trainers come with riptape fastenings, such as our Scape Flare Youth pair, so there’s minimal fuss when getting them ready for the day, or when they’re changing their footwear at school without you to help.

Best kids’ running trainers

If running is a focus in their school life, then our Scape Track Kid Black Leather trainers are ideal and constructed with sports-inspired benefits such as breathability and sole flex points to allow for natural movement.

Kids trainer sizes

We understand that comfort is key, and we design our shoes with the dream fit in mind. That’s why we offer our renowned in-store fitting service with helpful staff on-hand to ensure you find the perfect pair of kids’ school trainers. If you can’t make it to one of our stores, we sell our handy shoe gauge online so that you can measure you child’s feet and find the correct shoe size from home.

Though it can be tempting to size up and buy bigger children’s shoes for your little ones to grow into, it’s important to buy shoes that fit well from day one. Their toes should not touch the tip of the shoes and there should be room on either side of their foot – a good test is getting your child to walk or jump briefly in them. As well as half sizes, our school trainers also come in a variety of widths, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit so that your children’s feet have adequate room for movement.

For more inspiration, explore our full range of kids’ trainers, or read our guide to picking the best school shoes.