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Accessibility statement

We've tried hard to make the Clarks website user-friendly and accessible. We have detailed some of the steps we've taken to achieve this below. If you have any problems using the site, please get in contact with our web team.

Access keys

Access keys have been included for three common areas of the Clarks site.

[s] Will always skip to the main content on the page
[1] Will always take you home
[b] Will always take you to your shopping basket

Accessibility standards

The Clarks website is designed to be as accessible as possible. Where we can, we have implemented both the WCAG AA and the AAA standards to make the site as flexible as possible across a range of assistive devices.

Semantic code

Semantic code uses HTML elements for their given purpose. Well-structured HTML will have semantic meaning for a wide range of users and user agents (browsers without style sheets, text browsers, PDAs, search engines etc). We have taken pains to make our code as semantic as possible, and to have it validate as such.