Growing feet in safe hands
Information at your fingertips

Over the last 180 years Clarks have learnt a lot about feet; little feet in particular. We know how important it is to look after them at every stage of their development from crawling to cruising to walking.

And we're happy to share what we know.

So, with foot health professionals and parents in mind, we've created a range of informative booklets and posters, plus a DVD. Covering everything from choosing that all-important first pair of shoes to foot problems, how to spot them and how to stop them, this material is now available to order online - free of charge. We will post to addresses in the UK and Republic of Ireland.


1. First Shoes and Healthy Feet
Everything parents need to know about
healthy feet and choosing their child's first pair of shoes

2. Growing Feet in Safe Hands
A comprehensive guide to everything a parent
needs to know about their child's growing feet

a2 posters

3. Foot Facts
Fascinating facts to amaze and surprise

4. Foot Notes
The importance of measuring feet and
fitting kids' shoes

5. Foot Work
Top tips for parents to ensure good health,
from heel to toe

6. Foot Faults
The most common foot problems,
how to spot them and how to stop them

7. Foot Steps
A guide to how tiny feet grow and change


8. Foot Development
A guide to the stages of children's development, from
crawling to cruising to walking, and how to look after their feet

height chart

9. Height Chart
A colourful height chart for your child to record how fast they grow.

If you are a healthcare or learning professional and are interested in obtaining these materials - free of charge - please complete the form below. For further information please contact us.