Most children learn to walk aged between
9 and 18 months. It all depends on the
development of the muscular strength and
co-ordination needed. Don't worry if it takes
your child a little longer. All children are
different and they need to develop at their
own pace – the worst thing you can do is
rush them.

When they do take their first unaided steps,
they'll walk very differently from a grown-up.
Their feet will be wide apart and point
outwards. There'll be no flexing of the
knees or ankles. They'll take short stamping
steps, which reverberate, making them
quite unsteady, and they'll hold their arms
out to keep balanced.

At this stage properly fitted shoes will help
provide the stability and protection toddlers
need to encourage them in their efforts
and help them enjoy those all-important
first steps.