Crawling and Cruising
Crawling and Cruising


12-24 months

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Crawling and Cruising Crawling and Cruising
Crawling and Cruising

Every toddler learns to walk in their own way, and in their own time! Some walk at 9 months old, others are happy to wait until 18 months or even later. But don't worry, they all get there eventually.

It's a big moment when your little one takes those first wobbly steps - they may lurch around a bit when they first walk, but this is all normal, beginner-walking stuff. They'll soon get the hang of it.

Crawling and Cruising

Going barefoot is best at this stage, as it helps them feel the floor and lets little feet breathe. However shoes can be useful for gentle support and grip, and if your toddler is out and about exploring!.

How feet develop

Feet are still growing up to two sizes per year at this point, so make sure they are properly fitted for their first walking shoes, which should cushion, gently support and protect as they take those first steps!

choosing the right shoe

  • 1Padded ankle support and toe protection
  • 2Lightweight and flexible soles
  • 3Natural, breathable materials
  • 4Adjustable fastenings
  • 5Whole and half sizes and a choice of widths
  • 6Free fit checks after 6-8 weeks, and a promise that we'll never try to sell you shoes your toddler doesn't need

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The bones in your child's feet won’t be fully formed until they're old enough to drive

how feet develop