5-12 years

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School School

Once your child is at school, they're testing their feet to the max every day. You'll recognize a more adult walking motion, as well as plenty of running and jumping!

All that activity means their feet will naturally sweat more, producing up to half a pint of sweat a day! So it's really important that trainers and shoes are properly fitted so they don’t rub or restrict their movement.


By the age of 5 the foot has all 26 bones, but they won't be fully formed until your child is old enough to drive. The final structure is only established in their late teens, when they'll finally stop growing!

How feet develop

Growing slows down a bit at this stage – from the age of 5 to mid-teens, it's about one size per year, so you'll always find growing room built in to all our children's shoes.

choosing the right shoe

  • 1Growing room built in - your child's feet will grow on average 1 size a year at this stage
  • 2Natural, breathable materials
  • 3Fully adjustable fastenings
  • 4Extra shock absorption for running and jumping
  • 54 width fittings and a choice of whole and half sizes
  • 6Free fit checks after 3 months

170 years of foothealth knowledge

By the time an average child is 8 years old, they'll already have walked 11,500 miles - that's London to New York and back!

how feet develop