From five years and upwards, your child
will dramatically improve the co-ordination
and fluency of their movement.

At five, they'll have better control of their
speed and be able to make more complex
movements. The tendency to bear their
weight on the insides of their feet – called
pronation – should have corrected itself
naturally. Their heel striking during walking
will be more obvious.

At this stage, their weight will transfer down
the outside of the feet, the front will touch
down, and finally the weight will move to
the inside of the foot and the toes will push
off towards the next step.

As their feet become stable, your child
will also become more active at school.
There'll be playtime with friends, energetic
PE lessons and all sorts of exciting new
sports to put them through their paces.

At this age, many children prefer to wear
trainers. It's important for the healthy
development of their feet and bones that
these are properly fitted, just like any other
pair of shoes.

As well as allowing their movement to
develop naturally, kids' trainers need to be
robust enough to protect your child's feet
while they're practising to be the next
sporting superstar!