Once a baby has learnt to sit up on
their own, the first stage in their walking
development is crawling. Some babies
begin by balancing on their hands and
knees before pushing themselves along
with their legs. Others prefer to shuffle
on their bottoms, before sitting upright,
bending their knees and taking off.

The second stage, called cruising, is when
baby might use the furniture, a toy or your
knee to pull themselves up. When they feel
steady, they'll slide one hand to their side
whilst moving one foot and then the other,
always keeping three points of contact to
help them stay upright. And once they
begin to grow in confidence, they'll let
go and totter towards the next support.

Throughout both stages there'll be
times when your child's feet may need
safeguarding. Which is why we have a range
of pre-walking shoes that are specifically
designed to give protection and grip for little
ones as they set out on life's big adventure.