Crawling and Cruising
Crawling and Cruising


2-5 years

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Crawling and Cruising Crawling and Cruising
Crawling and Cruising

By the age of two your child should be walking more confidently, but it's all still a bit flat-footed, and changing speed and direction may still be a challenge!

During this stage they'll learn to walk without using their arms for balance, and soon the stomping of early toddlerhood becomes a proper heel-to-toe action.

Crawling and Cruising

Sometimes this can mean it all gets a bit wobbly and knock-kneed for a while, but once they've mastered confident walking, it won't be long before they're running, spinning, skipping and jumping.

How feet develop

At around 3 years, their feet contain 45 pieces of soft bone that will fuse together to form the 26 adult foot bones, but they're still soft and easily bent out of shape, so it’s really important to look after them.

choosing the right shoe

  • 1Growing room built in - your child's feet can grow 2 sizes a year at this stage
  • 2Additional padding
  • 3Fully adjustable fastenings
  • 44 width fittings and a choice of whole and half sizes
  • 5Extra shock absorption for running and jumping
  • 6Natural, breathable materials

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Toddlers feet at this stage can grow 2 sizes a year

how feet develop