Why fitted shoes are important

Children’s feet are not fully formed until they’re in their late teens. Until then they need properly fitted shoes that give their feet room to grow healthily and happily.

Shoes that don’t fit properly can prevent natural growth, cause discomfort and lead to health problems. They can even adversely affect your child’s walking development.

Because your child’s feet are as unique as their personality, it’s important to have the shape and size of their feet assessed by a trained shoe fitter. They’ll be able to advise you on the best possible fit for your child.

Trained shoe fitters

Clarks trained shoe fitters have extensive training and experience in the development of children’s feet and fitting. You can identify them in store by the trained shoe fitter’s badge – only qualified staff will be wearing them.

Measuring gauges

The trained shoe fitter will use a specially designed measuring gauge to check the length, width and depth of your child’s feet – these are all vital in making sure that their shoes fit well. But measurement is only a guide – the most important part is checking the shoes when they’re on the foot.

Six-point check

Once the shoe is on your child’s foot, our trained shoe fitter will do a six-point check to ensure the shoe fits properly.

They'll check:

  • 1. It's the right length, and there's the correct amount of growing room
  • 2. It's the best width, with no pressure on the sides of the foot
  • 3. It's the correct depth for the right fit and comfort
  • 4. That the top of the shoe wraps neatly around the ankle bone and will not rub
  • 5. That the shoe grips the child's heel shape well
  • 6. That when walking the child moves easily and naturally in the shoes

Check-ups for fit are free

Regular check-ups for fit are important. So we'll happily carry them out free of charge, with absolutely no obligation to buy. And if your child doesn't need new shoes, we'll tell you.