Having your child's feet regularly measured
and assessed is vital. It's also important
to have a big enough range of sizes and
widths to select from, so your child gets the
right fit.

Growing room built in
In their first year, a baby's foot grows
around three whole sizes, or 25mm.
Between the ages of one and five years,
it grows about two whole sizes (16mm)
each year. And from the age of five, right
up until their mid teens, feet continue to
grow at around a whole size (8mm) each
year. All Clarks shoes are designed with
growing room built in, without compromising
on comfort and fit.

Whole and half sizes and up to four different widths
In recent surveys, less than a third of children fit a ‘standard’ width shoe. At Clarks, we offer up to four widths as well as half sizes, so your child can get the most accurate fit there is.

Quality materials
Healthy feet not only need to breathe, they also need protecting. So we make our shoes with leather uppers or other good quality, breathable materials. You’ll also find support and cushioning in all the right places.

Sports styles
A child's feet and joints are under pressure
during active play and sport, so they need
to be supported properly. However, many
children's trainers are little more than
miniaturized versions of adult styles and
not designed to cope with the unique
needs of children's feet. At Clarks, all our
trainers not only have authentic sports
shoe features, they're also specifically
designed to match the shape of and
meet the demands of your child's feet.

Fun shoes that fit
Because we've been making properly fitting children's shoes for over 100 years, we've learnt how to incorporate added extras without compromising on fit. So whether it's our trainers that light up with each step, or shoes with secret toys in the heel, you'll know that they're made with the same care and attention to fit as the rest of our range.
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