Starting to cruise

The first time your child stands, they might use the furniture, a toy or your knee to pull themselves up.

When they feel steady, they'll slide one hand to their side whilst moving one foot and then the other, always keeping three points of contact to help them stay upright. And once they begin to grow in confidence, they'll let go and totter towards the next support.

It's another milestone in your child's development and Clarks have developed shoes with specific features to help them at this stage.

Foot development

The soft cartilage-like structure in your baby's foot will now be starting to ossify, turning into bone or bony tissue. Gradually the shape of the fully-grown foot will start to form.

At this stage, there are large gaps between the young bones, so the foot is still prone to being bent out of shape.

Choosing Shoes

What to look for:

  • Protective toe, heel and waist guards
  • Textured side patterns to aid grip between crawling and cruising, and helping them feel steady
  • Lightweight, very flexible soles to help their feet feel the floor, helping them to improve their balance
  • 10mm growing room - enough to allow them to grow, but reducing the chance of tripping as they learn to pull themselves up
  • Smooth, seamless interiors that won't rub their feet
  • Leather uppers and other soft breathable materials to care for feet
  • Shaped for the natural toe shape
  • Easy, fully-adjustable fastenings to make them easier to put on and stay on
  • Whole and half sizes and a choice of widths
  • Carefully fitted by trained shoe fitters