Starting to crawl

Once a baby has learnt to sit up on their own, they'll quickly learn to crawl. Some babies begin by balancing on their hands and knees before pushing themselves along with their legs. Others prefer to shuffle on their bottoms, before sitting upright, bending their knees and taking off.

No matter how they start to crawl, your little bundle of joy will certainly keep you on your toes during this stage. As quick as you can make a cup of tea, a baby can crawl up to 400m!

Not surprisingly, this is an exciting time for baby. There's so much to see and explore. And on their travels there'll be occasions when their feet may need safeguarding. In response, Clarks have introduced a range of shoes specifically for crawling babies. Designed to give protection and grip, they're perfect for little ones as they set out on life's big adventure.

Foot development

A baby's foot contains no fully-formed bones. Instead, the shape is mapped out in soft, pliable bone, similar to cartilage. You'll notice that their feet have no obvious arches and that their toes are all a similar length.

As your child grows, their soft bones will ossify, becoming more and more solid. During this time, the bones are protected by a layer of subcutaneous tissue or 'puppy fat'. But they can still easily be bent out of shape without you noticing and without your chile feeling any pain. That's why it's so important to have shoes that give them the room they need to grow.

Choosing shoes

What to look for:

  • Very lightweight and flexible to help them as they learn how to move
  • Textured soles which come up over the toe and the heel, to aid grip for propelling themselves
  • 10mm growing room - enough to allow them to grow, but reducing the chance of them tripping as they learn to pull themselves up
  • Smooth, seamless interiors that won't rub feet
  • Shaped for the natural toe shape
  • Leather uppers and other soft, breathable materials to care for feet
  • Easy, fully-adjustable fastenings to make them easier to put on and stay on
  • Whole and half sizes and a choice of widths
  • Carefully fitted by trained shoe fitters