Size is important!

You probably know your shoe size off the top of your head – unlike fashion, it’s unlikely to change throughout your adult life. And even if you can’t remember whether you’re an 8 or an 8½, isn’t close enough OK?

The answer is a very definite ‘no’.

Why? Because even though your feet are fully formed by the time you’re old enough to vote, badly fitting footwear at any time in your adult life can still do serious damage to your feet.

Finding the perfect fit

Your shoe size is based on both the length of your foot and the measurement around the foot at its widest part. Some people have one foot slightly longer than the other - this is perfectly normal. Many people also may not fit into a standard 'whole' size, which is why half sizes are so important.

When trying on shoes, you should check that you can move your foot normally and without restriction. make sure there's enough room to allow your toes to wriggle; there's enough depth, so the upper doesn't rub the tops of your toes; and when you walk a few steps they don't pinch or rub.

Ideally, the front part of the shoe should follow the natural shape of your toes and not be too pointed. there should be a space of about 1 1/4 cm between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This lets the foot stretch out during the walking and helps prevent damage to your toes and toenails.

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