Clarks Shoe Care - Accessories

Clarks Shoe Care - Accessories
Leather Insoles

Leather insoles add extra comfort

Shoe Horn

Ease on shoes with a shoe horn

Shoe Tree

Maintain shape with a shoe tree

Leather Insoles

Ideal replacement shoe liners, offering the ultimate in comfort and fit. An activated charcoal foam backing helps prevent foot odour and promote foot hygiene. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Foam Insoles

Ideal as a fitting aid, and naturally cushioned absorb shock and reduce foot fatigue. A pine-scented deodorant and antibacterial agent offer long lasting freshness and combat foot odour. Available in men’s, women’s, and kids sizes


A selection of laces in black and brown, in lengths from 70 to 100cm.

Mint-Scented Gel Range

Products to comfort sore and sensitive feet. Range includes Ball of Foot Cushions, Heel Grips, Relief Spots, Cushioning Straps, and Toe Cushions for toe-post sandals.

Heel Grips

Padded suede patches to place inside shoes to improve heel fit. Ideal for those with narrow ankles.

Shoe Horn

Moulded plastic tool to help ease shoes on to feet without damaging the heel centre. This long version is ideal for boots and prevents the elderly from stooping to fit shoes.

Short Shoe Horn

Shorter version of our moulded plastic shoe horn, for easing feet into footwear without damaging the shoe.

Velour Deluxe

Ladies’ moulded foam velour-covered shoe tree. Maintains shoe shape, reduces creasing, and aids ventilation when drying. Also enables easier shoe cleaning.

Velour Toe Puffs

Ladies’ moulded velour ‘toe puff’ shoe tree – ideal for boots and slingback styles. Maintains shoe shape, reduces creasing, aids ventilation when drying, and enables easier shoe cleaning.

Men’s Plastic Shoetree

Basic men’s plastic shoe tree. One-size.

Men’s Executive Shoetrees

Premium wooden shoe tree available in three sizes – medium, large, and extra-large – with a spring-loaded forepart for better fitting. Maintains shoe shape, reduces creasing, and aids ventilation when drying. Also enables easier shoe cleaning.

Shoe Stretcher

Part-wooden tool to stretch general shoe width, as well as at specific spots. Available in three sizes, and suitable for both men’s and women’s styles.

Leather Stretcher

Gently softens and stretches leather at pressure points – ideal for new shoes or in hot weather when feet expand. Suitable for finished leathers, suede and fabric.

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