How we use your information

Clarks never make your personal details available to any other company for marketing purposes. Clarks (and our representatives) may hold your personal details in order to process your order and maintain your account for research purposes. If you order with us we store and send you the details of your order as well as our general terms via email. You can find the terms here at all times. The details about your recent orders can be found in your My Account page once you have logged in.

Use and storage of data

If you have registered with us, or ordered items from us, we will have your email address, telephone number, postal address and the method you chose to make your purchase with. If you chose to have a delivery made to a third party address, then that will also be held on our records.

We maintain an order history of your purchase(s), which allows you and us to track your deliveries and review past purchases. We may offer you a promotion or reward we think you might like based on your order history.

We currently plan on keeping all consumer data until we have completed a review and developed plans for its archiving, deletion or depersonalisation. This review will be complete within 12-18 months.

The data that we collect from you may be transferred, processed and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA").

If you have opted in to receive emails from Clarks your data will be transferred and stored by Experian in USA. By submitting your personal details you agree to this transfer, storing and processing.

We collect data from your browsing behaviour on our website. No personal data is transferred or stored by Coremetrics in USA.

We collect marketing and website purchase data through Tagman, a tracking and analytics supplier in USA that help us improve our marketing campaigns.

We do not store any payment details. Once you have entered your payment details into the site we will use them for the transaction they have been entered for and that transaction only.

HR privacy Back to top

Information about you will be used for the purpose of determining your suitability for employment with Clarks. It may also be used for statistical analysis, for example to assess the success of advertising campaigns and different advertising media.

We may record information and opinions relating to you from third parties in the course of the recruitment process. You should note that your application may be subject to verification, for example your references may be taken up and any qualification which is indicated on your application may be verified by us contacting the appropriate body. This would not be done without your permission. We will not contact your current employer without your permission.

Your details will be accessible only by our authorised personnel and will not be disclosed to any third party except as required by law.

We comply with stringent safeguards to protect your personal data. If you would like any further information about your rights, which include rights of access to data, then please email us at

Email communications Back to top

If you have registered to receive emails from Clarks, you can remove your email address from the list at any time by using the links in the emails that are sent to you. We will never make your personal details available to other companies for marketing purposes.

We will endeavour to make all our communications clear in their intent. We will endeavour not to overuse your personal data.

Clarks recommend a friend campaign
Individuals supplying Clarks with the email address of their friend via our recommend a friend campaign should first confirm that the friend consents to their email address being supplied.
All email addresses supplied to us via the recommend a friend email campaign will be sent one email advising of the recommendation and will be given the option to supply further details and opt in to the Clarks emails.

Cookies Back to top

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are pieces of code that allow small amounts of information to be passed from your internet browser to our web server. Clarks use our own cookies, as well as those from third parties, serving several purposes. They allow us to remember whether you are logged in to the site, to remember what items you had in your shopping basket, to serve you with content tailored specifically for you and to help us learn about how you like to use our website and where we can make it better.

Clarks will never disclose your personal details to any third parties. All data passed by cookies is anonymous and will never contain your name, address, telephone number or payment details.

To learn more about cookies and how we use them, please visit our Cookie Policy page.

Third Party Cookie Use Back to top

Clarks work with third party ad servers and ad networks who serve Clarks advertisements on our behalf. Clarks will not disclose your personal details to any third parties - for example, all data collected is anonymous and will not contain the name, address, telephone number, email address or IP address. Currently we have relationships with the following third-party ad networks:

Criteo may place anonymous cookies in your browsers so that it can collect browsing data (such as the products you have viewed). Such data may be sent to website(s) in their network, and these cookies are collected in the 'visitors' cookie file. These cookies will allow the Criteo Technology to server advertisements containing products that you have looked at and similar products.

Advertisements will always include a link to Criteo's Privacy Policy page that will include information for users on how to opt-out of being cookie retargeted. If you wish to opt out of receiving such advertisements, or if you would like to receive more information on why you are being retargeted, simply click the 'i' which appears in the top left hand corner of every advertisement.

If you would like to opt out of receiving Criteo advertisements go to

Security Back to top

To prevent any unauthorised persons accessing your data, it is protected throughout the payment process.

Your personal and payment details are captured online using industry-standard technology, which encrypts all information to make it secure. When you visit any of the secure areas of our site you'll notice that the web address begins 'https' and a padlock icon appears in the address bar. We also use the 'Extended Validation' certificate, so if you are using Internet Explorer 7 you will see confirmation that our identity has been verified.

Access to your data Back to top

You have a right to access the personal data that we hold on you under the Data Protection Act 1998. You must make your request in writing, enclosing a fee of £10, explaining clearly the information that you wish to be supplied.

Please address your request to:
Direct Marketing Manager
Box 5
Clarks International
40 High Street
BA16 0EQ

First Shoes Experience Back to top

The photographs taken as part of the First Shoes Experience in Clarks stores and Clarks stockists are for use as part of the "First Shoes Experience" only and are not stored or passed on for any other use. Images are deleted from the First Shoes Experience camera once it has been printed for the customer.