Junior Gauge 4 (40 reviews) White/Green CA Foot Gauge

This gauge has been designed by Clarks to help you measure your child’s feet with confidence, in the comfort of your own home. It is recommended for children with a Clarks infant shoe size 10, approximately the age of three, up to adult size 10. For younger children or those with feet smaller than infant size 10 our Toddler gauge is recommended.Each gauge comes with step-by-step instructions and an on-line video demonstration is also available . Further help and support is on hand in store, if required.


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  • 5 stars out of 5Worth the investment!

    Alexis, alloa

    I don't drive so checking my children's shoe size has always required the cost of a bus fare to take them to a shop. Now I can measure them at home and have the peace of mind knowing that their shoes are correctly fitted without having to pay bus fares and then wait in queues.

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  • 3 stars out of 5why is it metric?

    Daniil, london

    The product is of a good quality, however the measurements need to be converted from Metric to UK standard, which is a pain in a ****. I bought this thinking it is the same as in children's shop, but it s not. It will have to do....

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  • 1 stars out of 5What a pain

    katrina from leeds

    When I saw these were availiable i thaught great no more traiIing up and down to the shops for feet measuring every couple of weeks so i purchased one of these shoe measuring devices. I am very very disapointed with it although it is easy to use because the measurements are in mm you then have to mess around going onto the clarks website so you can convert into true sizes. not only that the website never works properly allowing you to do this. I telephoned customer services and they converted the sizes for me, she said i could ring them anytime and they would do that for me (costly telephone calls) the reason i purchaed this was so that i could do the measuring myself. Please Clarks can you change the way you have designed this and make them like they are in the shops? that would be so much easier. I am afraid I will be returning this item as it is a total waste of time and money. DO NOT BUY you will regret it. Feedback from Clarks: Thank you for your comments which we have passed to our Children's online team. We conducted lots of testing and concluded that getting an accurate measurement requires time to practice and we wanted to remove any ambiguity that could arise and therefore put the current system in place to provide the sizing via our website. We will pass your comments about the website to our team also.

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  • 1 stars out of 5waste of time

    Like the others I do not want to be traipsing my children into clarks and waiting for all six to be measured. My twins have autism and find the experience really distressing, let alone customers and sales assistants.. If clarks does not want to sell the same Gauge that is used to measure children in the shop, then maybe it would be worth considering offering a free telephone service. The childrens department is not the largest and with seven of us there is little room for other customers. It is all about a pleasant shopping experience. Feedback from Clarks: Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Our objective when we introduced the home measuring gauge was to enable parents to accurately measure their children’s shoe size at home. We carried out extensive testing of different gauges and instructions with parents and found that having all the Clarks sizes on the gauge makes the process complicated for parents to use and increases the likelihood of them making mistakes. Getting an accurate measurement requires time to practice and we wanted to remove any ambiguity that could arise. The primary focus for Clarks at all times is to ensure children are wearing shoes that fit them properly. Full information on how to use the gauge and fit your children's shoes can be found at http://www.clarks.co.uk/measure-and-fit/home. We will pass your comments on to our children's team.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Very, Very useful!

    I like this gauge a lot. It is fairly good value for what it is. It is very good for quickly checking if a shoe size has changed and certainly beats all these paper printouts you get online. Yes, ok so you have to go on the website to convert the measurement but that really isn't a big deal. If you don't want to use the Clarks website you don't have to anyway as the International conversion charts showing the centimetre reading will be able to convert the mm length reading into a UK shoe size. The only thing I would change about the gauge is exactly how close the reading is to the size above or below. Some of the measurements I've taken have only been a 5.5 by 1mm and as all shoes fit differently that is useful to know (just in case one does come up slightly big and a 5 would fit). This really doesn't deserve the flak it has been given on here. It is very useful to check if new shoes might be needed on the fly (without a trip to town!)

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  • 5 stars out of 5Very Satisfied

    hannah, crook

    I can't see why others have had a problem using this gauge, it seemed totally straightforward to me, and a very sensible product for Clarks to have introduced bearing in mind that lots of people prefer to shop online. I haven't yet bought shoes to test if the sizing was correct but it gave the result I was expecting having had my son's feet measured in July in store. The price is reasonable and I expect this to be useful for a good few years to come. Great customer service!

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  • 1 stars out of 5Useless - don't buy one!

    Kathryn from Gainsborough

    This product is not fit for purpose! Without a frame of reference to where 1 size ends and the next begins you have no idea whether your child is just in to a size12 or just about to outgrow it.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Useful gadget to have at home

    Fiona from leatherhead

    I read the reviews from people who weren't happy with the gauge and decided to try one for myself. Thank goodness I did because I really can't work out what was so hard and complicated for these people! There are clear instructions with e gauge plus if you have experience of watching the shop assistant measure your child's feet then you will be fine. You just take your reading, go on to the website and put the measurements in and then hey presto the shoe size pops up! I have bought this just to keep a check on my daughters' size of feet but I will still go into the shop as I have found that different styles fit differently so like the shoe fitter to do a proper fitting.

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  • 4 stars out of 5Useful

    Mary from purley

    I liked this product as I could check my child's feet as and when necessary and could view more styles on line. I didn't like Clarks online conversion, so I downloaded an International shoe gauge, which showed US, UK, Euro and centimetres (Japan). Great.

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  • 4 stars out of 5Time saver!

    Michelle, ruislip

    I dread the thought of going into Clarks with my children, its always busy, parents pushing and shoving etc. I received this gauge and measured both of my children, went online to get the size and bought shoes online which arrived 2 days later. I wanted to ensure I had got the size right so went into the store with the shoes to have it checked, all fine! This has negative reviews because you have to log in to the clarks site but its far less hassle than driving to a store.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Solid

    Martin, lancaster

    We bought this along with the toddler one. I was surprised when we got this how solid it is. Looks like it would definitely stand up to years of use. Especially as it goes from infant 10 to Adult 10 size. Seems quite simple to convert from real measurements in mm to Clarks' sizes with the use of the web page. Very convenient device to help assess when your child is nearing the next shoe size up. The other positive is we can use it in a relaxed environment at home so no squirming or curling up toes because someone strange is doing something to your feet. Definitely do not regret buying.

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  • 1 stars out of 5Off Range sizing!!!!!

    I have twins, so clearly wanted to make my life easier buying shoes than waiting in store to get sized! or so I thought!! twin 1 slim width feet, twin 2 very wide. Whenever I come to try and use this gizmo, it tells me that both sizes are out of range and that I need to call customer services. They can never really explain why this happens. I have had other people try, to make sure it wasn't me!, and no different. Clarks never hold two pairs of shoes the same in store, which is why I started this process! hassle DO NOT BUY!! NO POINT ( you have to call them to size, and then they say it is best to go into store to check)! I have yet to have a good experience with their stock range in store or their silly gizmo. Thanks for not making this process any easier Clarks! Feedback from Clarks: Thanks for leaving a review; we’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your purchase. We value all our customer feedback so thank you for your comments which have been fed back to our team.

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  • 3 stars out of 5Of course they require you to go to website....

    esther from epsom

    Have just ordered my gauges online. I imagine part of the reason Clarks want you to go to the website to convert the measurement to shoes size is to get you to order the shoes easily... They need to get that potential sale in somewhere if you are no longer going into store. I don't think I'll mind as long as its easy to convert the measurement online :-)

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  • 2 stars out of 5No size, useless

    Tracy from hertford

    Bought this as much easier to check my children's shoe size at home. The big downside to it is once I've measured their feet, the results won't show up online which is useless. Why is there not a size chart included when you purchase or why haven't they got a simple size chart to download. Waste of money as you can't translate the sizes, may as well just go to a shop!!!!!!!

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  • 5 stars out of 5Just like being in the shop!

    Peter, haywards heath

    Sturdy construction and will probably last until she grows too big to measure.

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  • 2 stars out of 5Junior Gauge

    Well made, but why have Clarks made it difficult to use by assuming that you have access to their web site. If this device was used in their stores then I dread to think how long it would take to get served. Who designed this device? Feedback from Emily at Clarks: Sorry for any inconvenience, please call our customer care team who can offer assistance on readings/measurements over the phone, 01458 899901.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Here's hoping for the best!

    Pauline from hounslow

    I bought this gauge for my granddaughter who lives in France, where only the length of children's feet is measured. She loves the shoes from Clarks, so much more variety and more attractive than the extremely expensive ones available in France. After having read the conflicting reviews, I will tell my daughter that she needs to practice, and I hope my 5* rating is the right one!

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  • 5 stars out of 5Great product!

    Sarah from sutton

    I bought this despite the terrible reviews as I could not believe having to use the website to convert the measurements could be more stressful than queing in a busy shop with a grumpy 4 year old. I was right! The gauge arrived very promptly after I placed my order and I tried it out straight away. The website was very easy to use and I was able to generate an accurate shoe size within minutes. Excellent product and well worth the money!

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  • 5 stars out of 5Great Product

    Sally-Anne, sutton coldfield

    Very easy to use as long as you follow the instructions, if you enter the details on the on-line calculator and says size is out of range then its probably because you have not followed the instructions like I first did, so decided to read the instructions and then did not have a problem. Shame it does not come with the calculator but can access it on line anyway for free. Would only recommend that you buy direct from Clarks as some well known internet bidding sites sell them for twice the amount plus a delivery charge. Size the calculator gave was correct and their stompa shoes fit perfectly and son loves them because they have a T.Rex on them.

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  • 1 stars out of 5Great Gauge, bad system to read your results...

    Michelle from sheffield

    The Gauge itself is fine. Easy to use but what you get is the measurements in mm and you are told to go to the Clarks website, input your results in order to give you your readings! I have four kids and this felt like an extra hurdle and was a real problem on my iPhone. Why couldn't Clarks just give us a Gauge like the one in the shops with measurements *we* can read. Buyer beware... Feedback from Clarks: Thank you for your comments which we have passed to our Children's team. After lots of testing we saw that getting an accurate measurement requires time to practice and we wanted to remove any ambiguity that could arise and therefore put the current system in place to provide the sizing via our website. Also upon the website we have lots of information and helpful videos to assist parents in getting an accurate measurement.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Great

    Lainey from bridgwater

    I bought this with the intention of using it as a guide for my childrens shoe size...and that is exactly what it does. I know that Clarks shoes allow for a whole shoe size growth, so I measure the childrens feet every few months and as long as they are within a size of the shoes they are wearing then it saves me a trip to my local store, which is a pain if you are only going to get them mearsured. I think it is a great product so long as you are only using it as a guide!

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  • 4 stars out of 5Good value.

    Annabelle, stonehouse

    This gauge is very good value for money especially since other sites are selling them used for over £16 plus about £7 p and p! Since we live out in the sticks this saves me going into town just to get feet measured and is gives an accurate reading. Just a shame that you don't get a conversion chart with it (hence 4 and not 5 rating) and have to log on to get the actual shoe size and width. But hey, they've got to get you to look at the products somehow I suppose! Recommended.

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  • 4 stars out of 5Good Product.

    Rebecca, matlock

    Means keeping an eye on my children's foot size without having to go to the shop each time. When you don't have a car this can be hard.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Good buy

    MICHELLE, ebbw vale

    Very pleased with purchase. Just bought so I could keep an eye on children's feet measurements myself - still intended to take to store to have measured properly. I have tried it out as recently been fitted and really easy to use and very interesting useful instructions enclosed with gauge. Would highly recommend.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Fab and easy to use

    Liana, newton abbot

    I brought this to save time and enable me to check my daughters show size without having to fight my way into town. I found it easy to use, the instructions straight forward and the online calculator equally as easy to use. The only thing which I would like is a printable calculator sheet to cross reference the size so then you wouldn't need to go online, but all in all its not much of a problem - I have just measured my daughters feet in less than 2 min!

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  • 5 stars out of 5Extremely Useful

    June from beaworthy

    Not quite sure what these other 2 reviewers are on about? It's no hassle at all to input measurements on website and get instant size result. Have 4 kids so this is extremely useful for keeping tabs on their growing feet. Would definately recommend.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Excellent!

    Fiona from crawley

    Brilliant idea Clarks, well done! Reasonable price and the delivery was fantastic, not sure how it arrived so quick! Makes life so much easier not having to drag the kids to town when just want to check the size! Unlike other reviews I had no problem converting on website, was very simple!

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  • 5 stars out of 5Excellent - one less chore to worry about

    Marie-Anne from andover

    I found this very straightforward to use, and the online calculator has worked just fine for me every time. It is a huge help as I no longer need to keep dragging children into town just to see if they need new shoes yet - it is saving me time and grumps from the little ones.

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  • 3 stars out of 5Easy to use but forced to go online to get measure

    vicky, derby

    A paper guide should be included, when you buy this to save time then are forced to get the actual size measurement online it almost negates that. We don't all have reliable internet or phones that get online quickly and easily, also phone calls are expensive if we were to use that route. Online should be an option for sure but a paper or laminated guide where we can do the calculations should also be provided! Feedback from Clarks: Thank you for your comments which we have passed to our Children's team. After lots of testing we saw that getting an accurate measurement requires time to practice and we wanted to remove any ambiguity that could arise and therefore put the current system in place to provide the sizing via our website. Also upon the website we have lots of information and helpful videos to assist parents in getting an accurate measurement.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Don't be put off

    Moira, llanon

    You could be put off buying this after some of the reviews but as long as you accept that you will have to log on to the website to convert the measurements then you won't be disappointed. The product itself is solid and appears well made. It is easy to use and although I would still want shoes properly fitted in store it is a great way of checking when new shoes are needed without the hassel of a trip to town. It also means I can order online and hopefully when I do take my boys to collect the shoes they should have what we want in a size that fits. Fab!

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  • 1 stars out of 5Doesnt do what is says on the tin!!!!!

    jo from kendal

    I really would not bother to buy this. Not only does the on-line size calculator not work, what ever measurements you put in it comes up with the following : "Measurements are out of range. Please refer to online instructions. If you consistently get this message we recommend you visit your nearest store for a professional measuring service. Alternatively call Customer Care" A real con if you ask me, cos you either have to visit the store, which defeats the point, or you have to pay for a costly phone call to get the size from customer care.

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  • 5 stars out of 5does what is says

    debbie from maidstone

    Arrived promptly, good packaging. Good for the price. When it comes to our children's feet - well worth the piece of mind, in-between shop visits. Tried the Gauge straight away, and checked size instantly on Clarks / size calculator . easy, reassuring. good bit of kit.

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  • 2 stars out of 5Does not work!

    Olga, manchester

    What a strange thing to sell! It says that it will let you measure feet at home, but in reality sometimes it happens and sometime it does not! I am very disappointed. I have got two girls, one's size was 162 mm and 130 mm width, and online calculator said she is size 9.5H, which I think is fair, she is currently wearing 9.5G. Another's length was 155mm and 130mm width. Online calculator was not happy and said that the measurement was out of range. I rang Customer Services only to be told the same thing, but over the phone, and to go to Clarks store to get her feet measured there! That defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I DON'T WANT to go to store! I buy online! I realise that my children might have wide feet, I am already aware of that. All I really need to check is whether their feet have grown, i.e. whether they are still size 9 and 8, let's say, or size 10 and 9. To finally make the online calculator happy, I simply put 129mm as width instead of 130, and it gave me the size - finally - 9H. Why is it so difficult? Why not to break those two measurements apart and have a calculator separately for length and separately for width, then at least you know which bit you are not measuring correctly (or so Clarks thinks!). I hope Clarks is taking all these comments on board, because this service can be improved and will lead to higher level of online sales, which I believe what every retailer wants nowadays. Argh.

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  • 3 stars out of 5disappointed

    Funmilayo from leamington spa

    i bought thte guage so i could measure my children's feet at home, expecting it to be quick and easy to use. it was easy but then you have to go online to convert the measurements to a size. That was quite annoying. why not simply include a chart or a graph in the package that allows you to view your child's size instantly? i am quite dissatisfied

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  • 5 stars out of 5brilliant!

    Kelly from southampton

    I read the terrible reviews, paid my money and took my chances! This a brilliant piece of kit. Easy to use and accurate! Buy one and you wont regret it!

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  • 4 stars out of 5Brilliant idea to have this at home.

    Michelle, london

    This is such a time saver. It's quite difficult to round up the children and find the time to get to a store for a measurement to find that the sizes in the styles the kids like are not in. By having this Junior Gauge at home it means you can measure before the kids go to school and buy the shoes on the website by the time they come home! Brilliant. The only suggestion I would have is that the sizes are in mms and it would make life so much easier if they were in shoe sizes or there were a conversion chart printed on the underside. It's a bit stupid that they are in mms and that the user then needs to refer to the website to convert, albeit the conversion page is super easy. Also, the leaflet that comes with the item could also be built in to the underside of the gauge.

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  • 5 stars out of 5Brilliant device, not difficult to use!

    I am very happy that I bought this product. At only £8 it is cheaper than some others I've seen, and it is good Clarks Quality. I don't know why others found it difficult to use, as with a quick read of the guide and the help of the conversion link on this website, it was very straight forward. It is only unclear if you want to use it to measure for adult sizes, however you can simply take the measurement of the adult's feet and find an online chart/ guide to find the exact size. Thank you to Clarks for making this device available as it will make it much easier to keep track of my two son's ever growing feet!

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  • 4 stars out of 5Brilliant - wish I'd had it sooner

    Rebekah, lancaster

    I live out in the sticks a bit and cajoling the kids into any sort of shopping trip can be quite an ordeal for me, let alone them! I've just used this to measure all our feet (grown-ups included as a test to make sure I was doing it right and coming out with the right sizes) and its fab - once I'd worked out how to place the width strap across the toe joints its been a doddle putting the measurements into the website to get the sizes. This will save them and me many unnecessary shopping trips, time, parking charges etc etc so definitely worth the £8. If I could suggest one thing to Clarks to make it better - please could we have a pdf/table conversion chart so we don't have to keep going back and forward on the website and give us general public a bit of credit for having a spot of intelligence when working out the sizes - you'd have got 5 stars if that had been in the box!

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  • 5 stars out of 5BRILLIANT

    Michelle from carterton

    I really cannot understand why the other reviews of this are so bad. It is incredibly easy to use - you measure your childs feet , use the website to convert the measurement into a shoe size, then order the shoes - simples! No fuss, no hassle, no queues & you can pretty much guarantee that you can get the size you need. Normally shoe shopping with my 11 year old daughter is a nightmare - she isn't quite into the Bootleg range which she so desperately wants to be - and is always dissappointed with the small range of 'little girl shoes' she is presented with in store. This time she saw what she wanted on the website - we ordered them & 3 days later they were delivered. Happy child & an even happier mum. Thank You Clark's.

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  • 5 stars out of 5

    Sarah, worcester

    Was put off at first by other reviews when actually it's really simple to use! I took the measurements and just googled Clark's shoe converter and there it is. Easy!! I highly recommend this gauge, it saves you dragging the kids kicking and screaming round shops. xx

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Clarks Junior Gauge, White/Green, CA Foot Gauge
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