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Biddie Girl

A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of cool - that's how we'd describe Biddie Girl.

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Taking inspiration from Western style cowboy boots, we've done something pretty special to give them a modern spin! In a deep, almost bluey-purple shade, these pull-on ankle boots sure are a long way from the rodeo.

Clarks - Biddie Girl lifestyle
Clarks - Biddie Girl lifestyle

Lila loves wearing hers for play dates at the weekend. She usually wears neon pink skinnies tucked into them with an oversized slogan knit.

But for really special days she’ll pick a dress - her new rabbit pinafore dress is perfect as the colour matches her Biddies.

Worn with thick, chunky tights it is absolutely her favourite outfit.

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Clarks - Clarks - Biddie Girl focus image Clarks -

Grace is without a doubt an outdoors kind of a girl.

While some of her friends are content with sitting inside and watching TV all weekend, Grace wants to get outside – to see the world.

Sometimes it's a bit damp and cold, so Grace makes sure she stays warm and dry in her brown Biddie Dress boots.

Simple brown leather, with the teeniest, delicate touch of embroidery around the top, they're the perfect park-visiting boots.

Grace usually wears hers with a jumper dress, tights AND a pair of big walking socks. Well, we did say it got cold.

Clarks - Biddie Dress product focus
Clarks - Biddie Dress product focus
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Sometimes in life you need something sturdier than a pair of wellingtons. It's just a fact. You do.

There are occasions when a pair of boots are required that'll sort out the muddiest puddles, rain-soaked walks or even deepest, darkest forest expeditions.

This is why we've created Rhea Wish, a GORE-TEX® style hybrid that'll keep you warm, dry and oh so chic.

The design is ever so simple really. Pull-on to the knee and in a tough, quilted fabric that'll keep out the elements.

In a gorgeous chocolate brown, they're a brilliant are-they-or-aren't-they-dirty colour that'll have every mum fooled.

Either way, the heavyweight sole means you'll be ready for anything.

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Clarks - Rhea Wish product focus

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A classic riding boot silhouette is given a techy boho makeover with pleated detailing and GORE-TEX® enhanced leather, plus a grippy rubber sole that's perfect for girls on the go.

Kelpie heidi

With some real biker boot DNA including chunky zip detailing and quilted padded panels these mini me biker boots score high in the style stakes.

Snuggle Folk

Channelling just the right amount of polar folk styling, these cute boots feature an inside zip making them easy to put on and a comfy faux fur lining meaning they won't want to take them off!