By buying our shoes you help us fund schools, drop in centres and refuges that provide children with a place to live, to learn, to feel safe and to feel loved.

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Made in Africa using the finest local leather, Soul of Africa shoes are not only good for the feet, they’re also great for the soul.

Making sure our shoes are always produced in Africa means we create well paid employment, particularly for previously unemployed women, helping them support their families.

We make sure we have commercial shoes in our ranges to continue generating funds for the trust. We are working now on creating a product range that has a unique identity distinctive and true to its African origins. The margin between the production cost and the trade selling price of our shoes is transferred to the trust.

Our strongest supporter in the UK, Clarks Shoes, contributes an additional £3.00 for each pair of Soul of Africa branded shoes they sell at full price through their own stores and online. Clarks UK manage a range of Soul of Africa branded shoes made in Tunisia, which are exclusive to them and available in selected stores and online.

All of our shoes are manufactured in Africa and we aim to use locally sourced materials wherever possible. Our current production sources are South Africa, Ethiopia and Tunisia.

Our aim in making all of our shoes in Africa is to provide sustainable employment, giving Africans a greater chance to raise their own money through their own skills and support their own families independently.

Our collaboration with, and invaluable support from, VIVO Barefoot resulted in an exciting new shoe concept for us, Soul of Africa Barefoot. This has also introduced us to production in Ethiopia and will soon reach new customers. We expect great things in the future from this collaboration.

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