Carrier Bag Policy

It is a legal requirement for retailers to charge a minimum of 5p for all single use plastic carrier bags provided in England and for single use paper and plastic carrier bags provided in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is to help reduce the environmental impact of single use bags and encourage consumers to opt for reusable bags.

In England, Wales and Scotland retailers are encouraged to donate all, or part of, the charges to good causes. For our own stores, Clarks has decided to donate all of the money from these charges to the RetailTRUST. Clarks is a long standing supporter of this charity which provides a wide range of support for people working in UK retail, including debt advice, counselling, hardship grants, career development and retirement housing. They operate a 12 week developmental programme called retailRIGHT which supports young people aged 16-24 who live in areas of high youth unemployment and want to work in retail by helping them gain relevant skills and experience. For more information on the work the charity do, visit their website at

For our franchise stores*, the majority have opted to support Clarks policy of donating all the carrier bag funds to good causes and will be donating to a local charity of the store's choice. In Northern Ireland, the legislation requires all charges to be given to the NI Department of Environment to help deliver local projects to improve the environment.

Details of the number of bags sold and revenues for the period of 6th April 2015 to 6th April 2016 for Scotland and Wales, and 5th October 2015 to 6th April 2016 for England, are provided below. This will be updated in April 2017.



Number of Carrier Bags Sold

Gross Revenue


Net Revenue

All Clarks stores in England





Clarks owned stores





Franchise stores







Number of Carrier Bags Sold

Gross Revenue


Net Revenue

All Clarks stores in Scotland







Number of Carrier Bags Sold

Gross Revenue


Net Revenue

All Clarks stores in Wales





Clarks owned stores





Franchise stores





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*In England, businesses with less than 250 employees (such as our franchise partners) are not required to charge for a bag but may choose to do so.