Running our stores, offices and distribution centres has an impact on the environment, and we take our responsibility to manage and reduce this seriously. We're currently focussing on our energy use and climate change impact and on identifying ways to cut down on the amount of waste we produce and send to landfill.

Energy Use and Climate Change

Addressing climate change is a global challenge that we have a responsibility to play a part in. Our aim is to reduce our climate change impact by making our operations more energy efficient, and we're working on several key initiatives including:
   •   Making the current shop fit for our retail stores the most energy efficient yet, using low energy lighting and high efficiency heating and cooling equipment
   •   Working to reduce energy use at our HQ building in Street, Somerset through an on-going programme of building improvements
   •   Purchasing electricity generated from renewable sources and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in the UK where possible
   •   Using best practice to guide the development of our new distribution centre in the USA, which is being designed and built to support a Gold certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Counsel
   •   Improving the efficiency of our lighting and equipment settings at our UK distribution centre to reduce energy use


We're always looking for ways to reduce the amount and impact of the waste we produce. Our approach includes:
   •   Making sure that we have the best service solutions in place, such as recycling bins, to enable waste to be separated and disposed of appropriately
   •   Encouraging employees to minimise waste and recycle where possible
   •   Use alternatives to landfill if recycling is not a feasible option, such as incineration for energy recovery

Environmental Compliance

We are committed to operating within the remit of relevant environmental legislation, and work hard to ensure that we are compliant wherever we operate.

Charging for carrier bags in Wales

From the 1st October 2011, new legislation required all businesses in Wales to charge a minimum of 5p per single use carrier bag sold or delivered to a destination in Wales. The scheme is a way of encouraging consumers to reuse their carrier bags, reducing the number that end up in landfill as waste.

The legislation means that when you shop in one of our Welsh stores we charge you 5p for each carrier bag, but that there isn't any charge if you choose to use your own bag. We donate the funds raised from the carrier bag charge to the Community Foundation in Wales, deducting only VAT from the gross value raised. Details of the number of bags sold and revenues for the period of 7th April 2012 to 6th April 2013 are provided below:

  Number of Carrier Bags Sold Gross Revenue VAT Net Revenue
All Clarks stores in Wales 168,204 £8,410.20 £1,401.70 £7,008.50
Clarks owned stores 140,353 £7,017.65 £1,169.61 £5,848.04
Franchise stores 27,851 £1,392.55 £232.09 £1,160.46

We work with the Community Foundation in Wales to distribute the money raised to projects that focus on skill building and environmental protection, using their knowledge of community and charity projects across Wales.