Whether you plan to borrow from the boys with man tailoring, run the show in retro courts, or be a boss in block heels, everything you need to rule the office is right here.

Nothing says grown up elegance like a court. Sleek, chic and perfectly sophisticated, they're also the ultimate wardrobe workhorse, taking you from work to play and back again. Add some retro styling, and the result is a shoe that says elegance and fun. Irresistible.

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Inspired by a popular shoe from Clarks famous archives, the cut and stitching is a nod to the 50s but the sleek heel and pointed toe add a very definite contemporary twist.

THE NAME of the archive shoe is Woodnote and it was originally created in 1955.

THE 3 1/2 INCH
heel is high enough to look elegant and low enough to stay comfortable

The dainty bow and double stitching are all archive inspirations

The original shoe had a round toe but a pointed toe is far more fashion forward.

The Court shoe has been the go-to style for chic women for the last 60 years, from Hollywood royalty, via the runways of Paris to the height of modern glamour.

Grace Kelly understood the power of the court when she was a chic, Hitchcock heroine and she used the same elegant shoes when she married a prince.

When Marco Zanini revamped the classic Paris label, Rochas, retro courts were part of his master plan.

Burlesque star and designer muse, Dita Von Teese, is used to making the fashion world swoon with her retro take on glamour. Court shoes and a vintage handbag complete the look.

After almost 60 years in the Clarks archive,
an unassuming little court shoe becomes a modern classic.

Clarks famous archives are a rich source of inspiration for our designers. Full of perfectly preserved shoes – some going back as far the 19th Century – it's where a sweet little 50s court shoe called Woodnote was rediscovered in 2006. Originally part of Clarks famous Skyline range, Woodnote was aimed at the 'high fashion' woman beautifully illustrated in the advertising by famous French fashion illustrator, Jacques Demachy, 'looking as every woman would most like to look, composed, beautifully groomed, graceful and fascinating'.

Part of the high fashion Skyline range, Woodnote was a classic, snub-toed court shoe decorated with a distinctive stitch – the bobbin or ‘Bombay’ stitch. The contrasting bobbin thread is pulled up over the top of the stitch to create a row of stitching that looks like small dots.

Woodnote is discovered in the Clarks archives and, riding on the back of the new trend for vintage, is launched as Bombay Light in A/W 2007 with hardly a stitch changed. Only the toe is flattened slightly and elongated to fit in with modern aesthetics. The style is immediately a sell-out success.

The 50s archive shoe is revamped again to become Deeta Bombay, the stand-out court shoe in the A/W 2014 range. The heel is made slimmer and higher to look more elegant; the toe has an on-trend pointiness. But the Bombay stitching remains and so does the sweet little bow. After almost 60 years, the shoe is a true modern classic.

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When your shoe is this darling,
the best idea is to dress from the ground up

ONE - Belt your cardigan over your dress to accentuate your waist. These shoes look perfect with a mid-length dress due to their low cut front elongating the leg

TWO - A pussy-bow blouse adds intrigue and evening charm to a classic outfit

THREE - Bold colours and prints make a classic shape into something fresh and modern

Radio presenter, ALICE GARDINER,
road tests the Deeta Bombay

'Shoes are the make or break of an outfit.'

'I love the colour of these shoes and the heel height is not ridiculously high so I could probably manage to run in them to catch the 55 bus.'

'Shoes can become a slight obsession. I tend to get too
attached to a pair and wear them every day until they are worn out.'

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A classic court made evening-ready with subtle studs and a delicious shade of emerald suede.

Elegantly cut, discreetly heeled and in a gorgeous suede and mock-crock combo, here's a shoe that will strike just the right tone when you're asking the CEO for a promotion.

Tailored and crisp, this is a timeless court in fashionable patent leather. Pair it with a pencil skirt for work and a cocktail dress for night.

The same retro styling as Deeta Bombay but on a mid-height heel so it feels a little more 50s.

The coolest girls have been borrowing from the boys for seasons now. We've made the biker our own; stolen the rights to the loafer; and shown the world how to rock a brogue. Now we've set our sights on the dressiest of men's shoes, the buckled monk. Smarter and slimmer than other menswear-inspired shoes, it has an elegance that gives androgynous dressing a definite feminine edge.

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A feminine spin on a classic gentlemen's dress shoe. We've recast it in a slimmer, more flattering silhouette and taken it off-duty with a workwear-inspired sole and vintage-look leather.

of the shoe says 'I'm smart enough for work'; the chunky sole says 'I'm relaxed enough for play'

is a fun twist on traditional brogue-ing.

is so much more fashionable than two

Tough, cleated sole is perfect for grim winter weather.

Leather upper is distressed and burnished to give a cool, vintage look.

The Monk really did have its origins with Monks – they wore the shoe in winter because it protected their feet better than the sandals they usually wore

From the feet of the coolest man in town, via the runways of New York to the feet of the coolest girl in town, we chart the rise of the monk shoe.

Actor, Steve McQueen's taste for fast cars and beautiful women was equalled only by his taste for great shoes. Here, he wears his favourite monks while enjoying a round of golf.

When Victoria Beckham, swaps her towering heels for flats, you know that they are here to stay. She teamed mini skirts with groovy white monks in her S/S 2013 show and has been photographed in them ever since.

Alexa Chung loves a boyish flat and not surprisingly was one of the first to adopt the monk shoe trend. Here, she shows one of the coolest ways to wear them: with skinny trousers and several inches of bare ankle.

The shoe might be fancy, but the key to wearing them is the opposite: team with skinny jeans and a couple of inches of bare ankle or add a touch of boyish to a girly winter dress or leopard skirt

ONE - Mix your prints. leopard is great with stripes - and this outfit will take you through day to night

TWO - Leather dungarees keep a classic shirt looking modern and cool

THREE - Throw a sequin jacket over classic jeans and t-shirt for a instant evening update

RACHEL INGRAM fashion stylist and creator of
www.stylistshops.blogspot.co.uk road tests the Busby Jazz

'I love a Monk shoe because they are flat and practical but they also make a statement'

'I could wear these all day – work or weekend – because they are so comfortable. I can imagine wearing them all winter long with trousers and then popping on a skirt and chunky socks with them come spring'

'I probably have too many shoes to admit to – probably about 60 pairs! I tend to invest in good shoes – they make an outfit come together'

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Take a classic loafer and super-size it with playful tassels and a chunky sole. Who said menswear was boring?

Our twist on a classic Derby. We love the mix of the chunky, cleated sole and the super smart ponyskin upper. It’s a shoe that manages to be outdoorsy and rugged AND formal and chic.

Every great menswear idea in one playful shoe. There's dress shoe in the shiny leather; there's brothel creeper in the chunky platforms; there's oversize brogue in the upper; there's sporty in the sole. The result: definitely fun and surprisingly smart.

Our bestselling brogue gets a chic makeover.
The black patent takes it into evening territory but it looks genius with jeans, too.

The ultra-preppy Penny Loafer reimagined for 2014 with a girly 70s-style upper and chunky workwear sole.

A suede brogue?
Hello perfect mix of smart and casual.

There's something irresistible about a dandy shoe. Perhaps it's the way it takes the best parts of men's fashion and makes them playful and fresh. Perhaps it's the way it plays with proportion; supersizing fringing and pumping up heels. Whatever it is, the result is always a statement. And, more importantly, it's never less than fun.

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This is a shoe with some serious personality. A playful mash-up of menswear classics – the golf shoe and the loafer – it's a statement style which deserves a starring role in your autumn wardrobe.

for the fringing and buckle from classic golf shoes – we just pumped up the size a little.

heel is a little bit 70s but it’s also more stable than traditional slim heels. Stable means easier walking!

Italian leather upper is a mixture of matte and shine to emphasise the beautiful layers of colour.

The welted sole toughens things up and makes the shoe more durable.

The chunky heel is cleverly undershot so it looks less clumpy.

From its history as a classic sports shoe to the runways of Milan
and onto the most fashionable feet, we chart the rise of the golf shoe.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth knows a classic when she sees one. Here she showcases the practicality of a fringed golf shoe on a brisk walk through Windsor Great Park.

Miu Miu teamed supersized fringed loafers with 70s-style suits in their hit A/W 2012 show. And where Miu Miu's designer Miuccia Prada goes, fashion follows…

At the Paris shows, this fashionista knows that the key to wearing this style is contrast. Clumpy, mannish shoe with little black dress? Perfect!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to boyish shoes: contrast the masculinity with a flippy skirt or embrace the androgyny with boyish tailoring or cropped boyfriend jeans.

ONE - This bag looks great over the shoulder but for added cool, throw it slouched across the body

TWO - A classic knit and tweed skirt paired with these shoes, makes a perfect winter outfit

THREE - Soft pastel tones keep masculine tailoring from feeling too harsh. A great workwear look

Fashion Editor
ALEXANDRA LUNT road tests the Blues Melody

'My style is a bit preppy and a bit boyish. I love the classics – denim, checks, stripes. And I love a crisp, white shirt and boyfriend jeans'

'I love that I can wear these shoes with anything; jeans, skirts, dresses. They have that cool, boyish feel without being too fashion forward'

'I wouldn’t say I’m shoe obsessed, but I do have a substantial collection. I love how a different shoe can transform an outfit'

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A brogue upper and a stacked heel reinterpret a classic shoe for modern girls.

This menswear mash-up teams a classic Oxford – the closed lacing and the elegant shape – with a leg-lengthening stacked heel.

We put a traditional loafer on a very untraditional heel and then exaggerated everything about it – the tassels got longer, the tongue got larger.

We took an elegant city boot and gave it the storm welt and heel from Clarks heritage men’s boots. The result is chic but super-tough.