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This isn't just another retro moment. Sometimes the summer challenge of embracing lighter dressing and still looking cool, calls for a shoe with a 70s vibe. It's the proportions that look so right - the heels that are a mix of a chunky stack and wedge, the weighty straps and vamps in easy going vegetable tanned leathers. Sandals like these are also undeniably sexy, something to do with the unexpected combo of a brown leg grounded by a stern shoe. And that's definitely very now.

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Sarina Billy

Shoe boot, meet sandal. Sandal, meet shoe boot. We love the idea of adding a bit of toughness to a summer shoe, so we teamed a gladiator style front with a strappy back and put the whole thing on a chunky, 70s style heel.

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Rolled straps aren't just great looking; they're more comfortable than regular straps

'It's a shoe that's all about proportions. Big boot style front, small sandal style back. And somehow they just work.'

'Having three different coloured leathers in one shoe isn't just fun - it multiplies what you can wear it with by three.'

'We call this heel a demi-wedge. From the side it's all 70s from the back it's stiletto slim elegance.'

Sarina Billy

From the beaches of Saint Tropez to the runway at London Fashion Week's hottest show, this retro sandal always looks right.

ARCHIVE – Style icon Jane Birkin styles up her chunky sandals with denim flares and white lace.
CATWALK – Topshop team tan heeled sandals with retro patterned shorts and skirts.
CELEBRITY – Models in New York know the power of a chunky shoe at the end of a long, brown leg.


A chunky heel like this isn't just sophisticated, it does something miraculous to legs. So take advantage of that and wear it with silk shorts or a thigh clinging pencil.


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Meet the people behind our campaign

Name: Kim Kunn
Occupation: Café owner

'I really love the platform silhouette of Sarina Billy - they are so comfortable!'

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'The jacket is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It brings a new dimension to anything I mix it with.'

'I love riding my bike all around London with friends or my partner. We like discovering secret hidden spots in London.'

'One of my favourite things to do is cycle to Colombia road market on a Sunday and buy fresh flowers for my home and the coffee shop - it always has a great selection of the most amazing flowers.'