As fabrics go, tweed really has it all.

An impressive heritage? Definitely. Serious fashion credibility? Of course (thank you, Coco Chanel). Great practicality? Yes, it really will keep you warm and dry. So when we teamed up with Linton Mills, suppliers of top-grade tweed to the fashion world, to reimagine the iconic fabric as lace-up brogues, retro courts and ballet flats, a new winter classic was born….

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Two tweeds were produced exclusively for us – the chic 'salt and pepper' tweed is a Linton archive tweed and the bright boucle tweed is mix of several ‘melange’ yarns woven together to create a more rustic look.


The cloth was originally called 'tweel' until a London cloth merchant misread a letter from a Scottish mill and advertised the goods as 'Tweed'. The new name stuck.


Linton Tweed is available in a huge spectrum of colours – no wonder the fashion crowd from Balenciaga to Marc Jacobs love it.


In the 1920s, impressed by the softness and colours of Linton Tweed, Coco Chanel enlisted the mill to produce her now iconic tweed fabrics. The story goes that she'd appear at the factory with leaves and bits of earth from the Scottish countryside and ask Linton to recreate the colours.


Loved by small farmers and labourers for its wind and water-resistance, Tweed wasn't considered fashionable until Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, designed one for his new home, Balmoral, around 1850.


Tweed has always been popular for hunting, shooting and fishing because of the genius way it makes its wearer blend in with the surrounding countryside. When fashionable people wear tweed, it's definitely NOT to blend in….


Linton, in Carlisle, just south of the Scottish border, is nestled on the junction of three rivers – the Eden, the Caldew and the Petteril – a very handy location for a water-powered cloth industry


The mills at Linton have been producing the finest quality tweed for over a century and supplying it to the biggest design houses and couturiers. All despite the fact its sales team used to consist of two salesmen with ponies and traps…


Coco Chanel's love affair with tweed was the result of her romance with the Duke of Westminster. She spent many weeks in Scotland with him fishing and roaming the countryside dressed in men’s tweeds.


Our Linton line-up includes dressed up tweed: an elegant court and a chic little flat in a sophisticated grey-black weave. And dressed down tweed: a cool brogue and a heeled brogue in a funky, bright weave that works brilliantly with jeans. There's even a perfect clutch in patent and tweed. None of which will help anyone in the camouflage department…. but that's the point, isn't it?