With tweed being one of autumn winter's key looks, we've joined forces with Harris Tweed to create a special collaboration that shows off our iconic British heritages. Hand-woven cloth using pure wool from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland is combined with rich supple leather and stylish silhouettes for the look of the season.

The name 'Harris' derives from the tiny Scottish Isle of Harris in the outer Hebrides, Western Scotland, and it's the Hebridean sheep living on this island that make Harris Tweed so exclusive. The pure Hebridean sheep's wool is dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides, and hand-woven into its beautiful cloth form.

Once certified as genuine, the cloth is stamped with the Orb logo, and then sent to Clarks to dress well-heeled ladies and gents looking for the latest on-trend styles.



"The Harris Tweed industry are thrilled that Clarks have chosen to use Harris Tweed so comprehensively in their AW12 Collection. It's a real thrill for the islands weavers and mill workers to see their hard work presented in this way."