Clarks Footwear Technologies - Mens Active air

Clarks Footwear Technologies - Mens Active air
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Constantly being added to and improved, Active Air offers the ultimate in underfoot cushioning – harnessing the elements and using them to work with, instead of against, feet. This technology, first introduced in 1982, brings:

Durable Soles

  • Tough, wear-resistant soles
  • Use hardwearing materials such as rubber, Polyurethane (PU), Thermo Polyurethane (TPU), and thermoplastic rubber

Cushioned Footbeds

  • Spongy EVA footbed, contoured for comfort
  • Soft inner soles
  • The double layer won’t flatten out through wear – ensuring long-lasting comfort

Shock Absorption

  • Air pockets and channels spread the impact as the feet hit the ground


  • Constantly updated technology means the best performance possible
  • Has harnessed everything from gel pockets to air manipulation, and incorporated square, octagonal, and perforated footbeds.

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